Isle Royale National Park

Take a boat cruise to the stunning wilderness of Isle Royale National Park. The panorama is breathtaking! View parallel ridges, tilted and glaciated from ancient lava flows, historic lighthouses, shipwrecks, abandoned copper mining sites, and plenty of wildlife. Designated an International Biosphere Reserve in 1980 due to its biological and ecological uniqueness, the park consists of one large island surrounded by 400 smaller islands.

Isle Royale is open to anglers, boaters, hikers, backpackers and nature seekers with abundant recreational opportunities – hiking, camping, kayaking, canoeing and boating. Plus, take advantage of an Isle Royale fishing package.

Boat service for the 22-mile voyage runs from Grand Portage during the spring, summer and early fall with daily service during the summer at regularly scheduled times.

For more information, contact Isle Royale National Park at 906-482-0984, or visit their website at